"The new software that breathes fire into the Beyers..."

We're two mathematicians who created a handicapping program called WIRED 4-SPEED. As its name implies, the program seeks to detect the real speed of a race--the horse that's ready to put forth a peak, explosive effort.

All too often fast horses lack the form or class to win, but WIRED 4-SPEED is almost never fooled by such false plays! How did we accomplish this?

We invented two new measures of fitness that relate to today's thoroughbred. Then, we revisited an old friend, the Money Box in The Daily Racing Form. Although most players ignore money-earned, we know that it still contains a staggering amount of predictive data.

Then, we combined each horses' last three Beyers with their scores on Fitness and Money, giving each horse one single score on Speed-Form-Class. The math was very tricky.

Please accept the fact that we're not crazy. We've uncovered how to use simple data to isolate the winners, yet what WIRED 4-SPEED does with and to that data is far from simple. Perhaps our being thoroughbred owners some years ago influenced our handicapping ideas. Let us explain:

About five years ago, we owned and raced fifteen thoroughbreds. We were active owners and we insisted that our horses be conditioned with a modified version of interval training. (IT is a controversial training method almost universally despised--and not understood--by conventional trainers. Interested readers will find a thorough discussion of IT in a book we published called The Racehorse Owner's Survival Manual.)

At any rate, IT develops specific exercises to (a) improve a horse's aerobic capacity; (b) delay the onset of lactic acid; (c) prevent glycogen depletion. In short, IT tries to make horses speedy over the distance, without tiring.

As handicappers, isn't our basic problem finding the fastest horse, at the distance, who is fit today? Distance-Speed-Form is the combination we must appraise in order to pick winners consistently.

Forget about value! If you're able to pick winners consistently, you'll make money. Notice we said pick winners, not favorites. A winning system must contain rules that recognize and reward Speed-Distance-Form ability, as well as rules that punish violations of those factors.

WIRED 4-SPEED is programmed to detect such violations; favorites with flaws are given the same heave-ho as flawed long shots. WIRED 4-SPEED takes no prisoners.

As owners we worked off-track, at a private training center, with a vet and a licensed trainer. It was our collective mind-set that Fitness & Speed ruled. As MathCappers, we have always elevated those two factors above all others.

Before we go on, please allow us this digression. We (Judith & Frank) are business mathematicians, each with over 25 years experience under our belts. We've written some 2,000 programs of varying complexity and we love racing--and gambled at it--for the last 20 years. WIRED 4-SPEED is the only program we've written on handicapping--and we forced the computer to venture into the art of handicapping, not merely its science!

And yet, WIRED 4-SPEED is extremely easy-to-use.

At the start of each race you'll answer the following no brainers: Race Date, Distance, Dirt/Turf and Race Type.

Then, you'll enter each Horse's Name or Number and data about their Lifetime Earnings. Then, after pressing one key, a mini Racing Form appears covering each horse's past three races. You'll enter the following information: Date Of Race, Distance, Beyer #, Lengths Behind First Call, Lengths Behind At Finish.

And that's it! Now, by pressing a key, WIRED 4-SPEED takes control. Within seconds, a ranking appears on your screen. Each horse's Name and Score appears in a predicted order of finish.

"WIRED 4-SPEED represents a radical re-think of Speed & Form. It seems hokey to say it, but you'll love the rush that WIRED will trigger. It's like being the only kid on earth with a secret decoder ring."