"The new software that breathes fire into the Beyers..."

WIRED 4-SPEED predicts thoroughbred winners with great accuracy--requiring little expertise from the user--and even better, requiring absolutely no handicapping judgment!

In 1995, I began investigating the Beyer Speed Figures. With about 2,000 past races at my disposal, I explored 4 factors: Speed, Form, Class, Distance.

Of course, I personalized how to measure these 4 factors--and explored how the Beyers related to these measures--and the result was WIRED 4-SPEED.

All you must do is to enter a horse's lifetime earnings and data from its last three races as presented in The Daily Racing Form--and presto, WIRED ranks the field from best to worst.

Yet remember: No method can make you play its top pick.

Only you are in charge of which horses to play--and how much money to risk. Additionally, playing to win may not be suitable on every occasion. Exacta and / or place betting often make more sense than betting to win.

As a programmer, it was my job to translate research into never varying rules; you, the user, are under no such duress. And,

  1. Never risk more money than you can comfortably afford to lose.
  2. Always test the program with races at your track. In other works, give it a good dry run before betting with real money.
  3. Share your racing opinions with me.

Two years ago I created an accounting program for owners and trainers called TRACKER. It was a hit by all accounts--and the buyer feedback was wonderful.

Please tell me what you honestly think about this method.

F.G. Sallustro