"The new software that breathes fire into the Beyers..."

ONLY $125 Check or Money Order Beyer fans, prepare to power up! Two Math-cappers explored 1500 races in pursuit of one goal--how to spot a horse that's about to run a peak, explosive race. What emerged from their search is WIRED 4-SPEED -- a computer program that rests on two key components: a combined measure of form and class plus the Beyers from each horses' last three races. Says math whiz Judith Spence, "First we created two new measures of fitness using data in The Daily Racing Form. Then, we put the Beyers into our fitness measures. It was tricky math, but right away we knew how powerful the Beyers worked within our formulas."

WIRED 4-SPEED requires data from The Daily Racing Form, a decent computer with 3 Megs RAM free, and about 10 minutes per race. Each horse is ranked numerically from best to worst. Please feel free to call us with any questions.