"The new software that breathes fire into the Beyers..."

"Let me get right to the point: WIRED 4-SPEED may be the most imaginative computer-selection system I have ever seen -- and it may even rival the best human handicappers I know!"

-- Bill Olmsted, publisher "Cramer-Olmsted Report"

"WIRED 4-SPEED amazes me for two reasons. Consider that on Preakness Day, 05/17/97, it failed only once in eleven races to rank the winner among its top two choices. (Yes, it had the $48 second-race score and the $15 finale winner!) But, what intrigues me more is how it finds such winners so often, and by using such simple data. I would never play the races without it."

-- Jerry Podpora, W. Bloomfield, Michigan --


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